Fence Removal & Installation

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      As with fencing, there is a large variety of fence gates styles and options available to match any landscape.

      Many of our residential and commercial fence customers also choose a matching gate. For example, we have installed many driveway gates, side and front entry gates, security gates, sliding gates and trash enclosure gates.

      These are the most common gates we design and install: single-swing gates, double-swing gates, cantilever gates sliding, walk-through gates, drive-through gates, automatic entry gates and telephone entry gates.

      An automated entrance gate or access gate is a great way to add beauty and security to your home or business.

      And a customized gate design adds a unique touch that truly reflects your style.

fence installation
fence installation

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Deck Construction & Restoration

  • High-End, Customized and Beautiful Outdoor Deck For Your Home
  • A Prestigious Company

      When you’re in the market to hire contractors to build a deck for you, trust in Universal Exterior Contractors to give you exactly what you need, with excellent workmanship and at affordable prices as well. Our accolades are a testament to just what kind of quality you’ll receive from us when you choose Universal Exterior Contractors to build your deck. 

      Let our team help you turn your vision into a reality today!
      One of the great benefits of building a deck is that it allows you to enjoy your outdoor living space to the fullest. You can plan Saturday morning brunch on the deck for a calm, relaxing weekend, or you can organize a family cookout for a fun celebration. When you have a deck installed, entertaining is simple and easy. Who wouldn't want to spend the evening on a beautiful, new, custom-designed deck?

There many benefits that come from having a deck, including:

  • Increased home value
  • Enhanced outdoor experience
  • Increased living space
deck restoration
deck installation

Start discussing your project today with our  design team! We offer a five-year warranty for all new deck jobs. So what are you waiting for? Let Universal Exterior Contractors help you design a deck you deserve. Contact us today at (302) 563-7900 to receive a free estimate and to discuss deck designs that are the best for you.